Spiro PD: Personal Spirometer

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Spiro PD 2.0 WMS is the world’s first truly personal spirometer.  It empowers patients with lung diseases – those with asthma, COPD (including emphysema and chronic bronchitis), CF and lung transplants – to easily, accurately, and affordably monitor their lung function anytime and anywhere at home, at work, at school, at play or while traveling.

Spiro PD 2.0 WMS can track your lung function trends and alert you of a decline in lung function before you begin to feel symptoms.  This helps you anticipate and prevent exacerbations and asthma attacks, and reduce expensive emergency room visits and hospital stays.

Spiro PD 2.0 WMS enhances medication adherence by enabling you to manage your medications, view your medication history, and set alarms reminding you when to take your medicine, test your lung function, and do breathing exercises.  You can also quickly upload lung function data to share with your doctor.

Easy, accurate, empowering. Spiro PD 2.0 WMS. The world’s first personal spirometer.